About Keith

Keith Baldwin was born in Niskayuna, NY in 1976. When he was four years old, he moved to Liverpool, NY, which is where he continues to live today.

In 1987, Keith began to take karate classes as something to do for fun. As time went on, he became more serious about it, moving up the ranks until he entered black belt training. During training, his body started to feel like it was breaking down, becoming more and more painful (he would later be diagnosed with Fibromyalgia) and also came down with an upper respiratory infection. This was making the training very difficult, the running required even harder.

An answer for these difficulties came in the form of Reiki. A friend of Keith’s mom was a Reiki master and attuned him to first degree Reiki. He started to treat himself, and while medication was needed to treat the respiratory infection, he was able to work through the Fibromyalgia and earned his black belt in 1994.

After graduating from Liverpool High School in1995, he went out to study at SUNY Oswego and received his degree in psychology.

Keith’s spiritual life started with that first Reiki attuned in 1994. He went on to be attuned to 2nd degree Reiki in 1995. In 1999, a medium Keith knew helped tune him in to his spiritual guides and showed him how to explore his past lives. He would offer Reiki treatments to friends from time to time, and began giving spiritual guidance to others in 2001. In 2001 he also began to practice meditation.

The spiritual journey then took Keith to yoga in 2008, starting out with beginner classes and moving his was up to advanced classes. He was also attuned to Master level Reiki in the fall of 2008. In 2009, Keith met a man named Swami Ken at the yoga center he trained at. The Swami was an enlightened being and master of meditation, who travels around the US and Canada, teaching a form of meditation that helps people become in tune with their inner Guru, that lowers the tension within, and lowers the tension in the world.

Keith took part in his tour that year, studying under him and traveling around the country. Keith’s relationship with the Swami continues today,  he helped organize his tour in 2009, 2010, and 2011. He also traveled with the Swami again in 2011, assisting in over 50 meditation programs / classes through the eastern coast of the US. Keith has also spent time at the Swami’s ashram, to deepen his meditation practice (He has sat in meditation for up to 5 hours at once) and has been told by Swami that he can teach the meditation to others.

In the fall of 2010, the next step in Keith’s journey brought a woman to him who attuned him to Seichim Reiki. He was given the master level attunement. That year Keith also began teaching Reiki to others, by giving attunements to people individually or by attuning a whole group at the same time. He also began to teach meditation as well.

What’s to come next? Keith is excited to find out. For now, he is offering his services to you. Reiki treatments, classes, or meditation classes.